July 19, 2016



Unidade 2The Prostate Unit at the CCC has created a programme of cancer risk assessment and early diagnosis where our experienced team strives to detect tumours which are still in the initial phase of development. This early diagnosis of the disease permits a timely therapeutic intervention and ensures a greater probability of success in the improvement of the quality of life of the patient and a reduced mortality.

Prostate cancer is the most frequent malignant tumour in men, and the third highest cause of death from cancer, although it regularly exhibits slow growth. In its more aggressive forms, however, it can grow quickly, invading the adjacent organs and metastasising particularly to the lymphatic glands and bones.

It is in this context of early diagnosis that our programme of active surveillance is particularly important in the development of new strategies to combat prostate cancer. Depending on the risk of tumour progression, the treatment decision may be based around a plan of regular monitoring without any associated therapy or surgical intervention. Alternatively, the plan may indicate the immediate initiation of multidisciplinary treatment. Our team of specialists is committed to offering the best advice and, in the active surveillance of patients, looking for the most appropriate solutions in each case.

Our radiotherapy department offers advanced treatment options for prostate cancer by means of hypofractionated and, where possible, single dose radiotherapy. This form of treatment uses advanced technology to image the prostate at the same time as radiation is applied, thereby reducing risk and allowing higher doses of radiation than conventional radiotherapy. This type of treatment is able to improve clinical outcomes.

If surgery is deemed necessary, patients will have access to the full range of surgical options, from open, robotic or laparoscopic surgery.

The Prostate Unit at the CCC is organised into a multidisciplinary team which devises and monitors treatment plans specific to each clinical situation.


This team of specialists, which includes medical oncologists, urologists, radiotherapists, radiologists, pathologists, nuclear medicine specialists, nurses, psycho-oncologists and nutritionists, addresses the disease at each stage in order to offer personalised diagnosis, treatment, advice and rehabilitation.

In addition to prostate cancer, we also treat cancers of the kidney and urinary tract in this unit.

Our Prostate Unit doctors

Jorge Fonseca, Director of the Prostate Unit, Urologist (Surgeon)

Miguel Almeida, Urologist (Surgeon)

Rui Lúcio, Urologist (Surgeon)

Jorge Rebola, Urologist (Surgeon)

Jaime Santos, Medical Oncologist

Nuno Vau, Medical Oncologist