June 15, 2016

Welcome to the International Patient Office at the Champalimaud Clinical Centre

Every year patients from around the world travel to Lisbon to be treated at the Champalimaud Clinical Centre. Our team of over 80 doctors from over 10 different countries are some of the world’s leading experts in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


We fully appreciate that travelling to a different country in search of the best medical care can be a stressful process and our International Patient Office is here to make your preparation, your stay in Lisbon, and your peace of mind throughout the whole process, as easy and stress-free as possible.



As soon as you contact the Champalimaud Clinical Centre for the first time you will be put in touch with one of our trained and experienced international patient staff. We have staff able to converse with you in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French or Italian and we work with a network of translators and interpreters who can offer additional language support when necessary. This means that patients speaking Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin, Russian or other languages will also be well cared for in their native language.

Whether it is with appointment bookings, information about your medical process, visa assistance, hotel accommodation, travel to Lisbon, dietary requirements, or any other aspect of your stay with us, our International Patient Office will strive to take care of all your needs and concerns.


Where We Are

The Champalimaud Clinical Centre is located in the historic riverside area of Belem, Lisbon.

Our centre is easily accessible and is a 15 minute drive from Lisbon airport. For those coming from the city of Lisbon, our centre can be easily reached by car in ten minutes, equivalent to a ten euro taxi ride. Our Centre is also only 20 km from the beautiful coastal town of Cascais. For those who prefer a shorter trip, there are several 4 and 5 star hotels near the Champalimaud Clinical Centre and our International Patient Office can help you to arrange your stay in these at a discounted rate. Please do not hesitate to contact our International Patient Office for further details.


Champalimaud Clinical Centre

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