June 15, 2016

Diagnosis & Treatment

At the Champalimaud Clinical Centre we value each patient as a unique individual requiring personalised therapy. In offering premier disease management we therefore strive to find the most effective possible treatment in a way that is tailored to each individual. At the core of our clinical service are three essential pillars: Outstanding people, Effective solutions, and Cutting-edge technology.

Our medical team comprises some of the most outstanding healthcare professionals anywhere in the world. Many of our faculty are also active in research as they look to not only offer the best clinical solutions, but to innovate and improve the standard of care available worldwide. Among our physicians and doctors are Presidents of European societies, Members of the American Academy of Medicine, leaders of international medical societies, and world-renowned specialists in their fields.

Prof Carlo GrecoOffering the very best clinical solutions requires us to develop and utilise the most effective practices and techniques in the treatment of cancer. Our Department of Radiotherapy is internationally renowned for the pioneering use of single-dose and hypofractionated radiotherapy (also known as SBRT – stereotactic body radiotherapy – or radiosurgery), where very high intensity radiation is delivered safely to target organs, improving the clinical outcome. This form of treatment has the secondary advantage of dramatically reducing the treatment time, with some radiotherapy courses being delivered in just a single session of a few minutes. SBRT is widely used at our Centre and the single dose delivery of radiation treatments has been developed by the Champalimaud Clinical Centre faculty.

IMG_8371We are also a leader in innovative surgical solutions and we work with some of the very best surgeons worldwide, with particular focus on robotic, laparoscopic and microscopic procedures. Our surgical facility makes use of the Da Vinci robotic surgery technology and our state-of-the-art surgical facility comprises 3 operating theatres, an Intensive Care Unit, and 25 rooms all designed to enhance the recovery of the patient and the comfort of visiting family members.

Chemotherapy is another crucial tool in our fight against oncologic disease and the Champalimaud Clinical Centre utilise a unique space for patient therapy.

Radiology and nuclear medicine are also utilised as specialised therapeutic solutions in our centre. Our specialists in interventional radiology offer a range of non-invasive image-guided treatment options while our highly experienced clinical teams have the expertise to use radiopharmaceuticals as treatment tools where relevant. All our clinical options are, of course, supported by advanced diagnostic support.

In offering care to our patients we are always mindful of the fact that cancer is a heavy emotional burden as well as a physical one. Our International Patient Office is on hand to help you at every step of the way before, during, and after your trip to Lisbon, to make sure that your time in Lisbon is as stress-free as possible.  And, most importantly of all, our team of dedicated doctors, scientists and other medical personnel work hard to make sure that all patients are given the personalised care and attention they deserve.